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"Energy Tech Progress" LLC INTRODUCTION

            “Energy Tech Progress” LLC was established in 2008 and has taken active part in construction of energy sector and has supplied energy-saving products combined with the latest technology and technique to Mongolian consumers. Our company management team are not only highly skilled and experienced in the field of energy sector  but also acquired outstanding young engineers and we have achieved our strong position in energy sector.


Presently we run our activities for not only importing power equipments, cable and connectors, water and electrical meters, high voltage transformer, overhead power line fittings, spare parts and MCB, MCCB directly from the leading manufacturers in USA, Russian Federation, Germany, Korea, Japan, People's Republic of China and France. We are officially distributing products of Tyco Electronics Ltd (TE Connectivity), Schneider Electric, Sibkabel, Tomskkabel, Lappcable, Zenner, Incotex, Shenzhen star Instrument and other manufacturers in Mongolian market.


We become official distributor of Schneider Electric in 2014. Therefore, within framework of 0.4kV-35kV, we will be supplying all electric devices and assembling the PRISMA and other switchboard. We have been contributing to the national development and have done work of 0,4-110kV overhead transmission line, construction work of energy sector, substation assembly and repair, test and configuration, completion of indoor and outdoor electric supply of residential and industrial building.


The products and services that we provide in the past is always collaboration with the leading companies contributed in the national development. Therefore, we are deeply concerned with quality of after-sales service and make sure our partners are satisfied with our product and service.